How do I choose a different book style?


To choose a different book style for a book you've begun editing:

  1. Open your book by clicking on it in the Library, and then selecting Edit.
  2. Be sure you are viewing the cover of the book.
  3. Click the bookstyleicon.PNG button on the left of the program window.
  4. Click on the style that you want within the popup menu that appears.

Note: The contents of the book will remain the same, but the cover will need to be recreated if choosing a different book style.




You'll choose your book size at checkout based on the options available for the style you've selected.

Please note: When you first start a book, you're prompted to select either Landscape or Square format. Due to the differing aspect ratios, it is not possible to switch a Square book to Landscape, or vice versa. The only way to create a Landscape version of the book so that you can select a different book style is to create a brand new project.


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