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Picaboo products are handmade. That means there is some variance in the way they may be prepared. Your personal work is truly a unique and individual keepsake. To help you create a keepsake you'll love, we've put some warnings in place to assist you with the editing process. One of the most important warnings is the Crop Zone Warning.

The Crop Zone - the area outlined around the edges of your pages - shows parts of the page that may be cropped or lost to the binding when your book is printed and bound. While content in this zone may be cropped, there is no guarantee that all of it will be.

The best practice is to assume that anything in the Crop Zone will be cropped, and therefore keep the important details in your images out of that area, but to also make sure to have an image or background covering that portion as well in case some of that area is not cropped.  You will see a warning when an element is placed close to the crop zone.  We recommend keeping important details out of and away from the crop zone.


 On the cover, you'll also notice the Wrap Zone Warning. This is additional space that will be lost on the cover when the product is printed.

Each book size and style has cropping specific to that style. The Size Cropping selection tool on the left will allow you to pick the size you intend to order.  When the Crop Zone is on, this allows you to see the variance in cropping based that size. The paper type or binding style will also change the crop areas. 

Notice the difference in the two images below.  The first picture shows the cropping for a 14x11 Classic Hardcover book with Standard paper and the second shows the cropping for the same book with the Lay-flat paper.


 The Crop Zone Warning can be turned off using the Advanced Button > Guides and Snapping but to be sure that nothing important gets cut off, we recommend leaving this option on. The last thing you want is to lose someone's head when your project is produced. It's always a good idea to double check your project at least once before placing an order.

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