What is the best browser to use with Picaboo?


Picaboo is optimized to work best with Google Chrome or Microsoft Chromium-based Edge version.  Although the program may work with other web browsers, we do not recommend using these due to inconsistent results.    

Whichever browser you choose to use, you'll want to make sure that it's updated to the latest version. Directions for updating your browser can be found here:

Internet Explorer is not supported at this time. Microsoft's newest browser is Edge.


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    Picaboo does not work well with the new updated Firefox in China. I live in China and teach at an international school. Picaboo is great but from here, it gets blocked by China's Great Firewall. I have to use a VPN and Google Chrome in order for it to work seamlessly, otherwise it will show the website as unavailable. Even with a VPN, Firefox will allow you to log in and it will show you your bookshelf, but there are no books on it to edit. Not sure how many people this affects, but thought it could be helpful information.

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