Can I import a PDF I've created of my book and have Picaboo print it?


At this time, Picaboo does not have an option to import PDF documents. However, if you have designed individual pages as PDFs and they are the correct resolution, you can convert them to JPG or PNG images and use them as follows:

  1. Upload your files to the media tray. For more information on uploading and managing your photos, please see this article. 
  2. Drag and drop the photo of your first page from the media tray onto the first page of your book.
  3. Select "Set as Background" from the photo options that pop up if the page was designed to be the correct dimensions. 
  4. Select "Use as Photo" if you wish to manually pull the photo to the edges of your page. 
  5. Repeat for the rest of your pages.

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