Recommended Resolution


Each of our products have a recommended resolution so that an image can be optimally displayed as a full bleed, without worry of degradation in print. To find more information on the recommended resolution for a specific product, click here: Photo Books, Cards, Calendars, Canvas Prints, Photo Panels, Metal Prints, Notebooks, Journals, or other products.

Of course not all your images must be the optimal sizes, but keep an eye out for images that display a Low Resolution Warning, as they will not print well in the space they have been assigned.

You can check the resolution of your images on your computer (not in the editor) 

    On a Mac: File > Properties

    On a PC: Right click on the image > Properties > Details

Are your pictures the right resolution but you are still not sure if they will be blurry?  We recommend doing the 200% test.  Zoom in your browser to 200% and check the important details.  If they look blurry there then they will likely look blurry when printed.  Unless the picture means enough that you don't mind a bit of blurriness, we would recommend using a different photo.

How do I know how big I can make make my photo?

The Low Quality indicator noted above will tell you if the photo's resolution is too low to print clearly, but if you have an image you know is a certain dpi (sometimes referred to as ppi) and you want to know approximately how big you can print that image so it will be as clear as it can be, just divide each dimension by 300 to get the approximate size of the image. 

For example, a 1200 x 1800 image will be able to be printed at 4" x 6".   

Please note: Low resolution is one of several reasons an image can be blurry.  Movement, focus, and lighting can all contribute to the clarity of an image.  

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