Does Picaboo offer bulk or large-order discounts?


Picaboo offers special pricing for bulk orders. Picaboo is ideal for family reunion books, sports team books, cookbooks, and much more! Whether you're celebrating a school year, doing a fundraiser, or just looking to share your portfolio with a larger audience, Picaboo gives you unlimited creative flexibility at a great value.

Volume discounts are available if ordering 5 or more Canvas Prints, 10 or more Photo Books, Photo Panels, or Calendars.

Use the promotional code PICABULK when placing your order for a 60% discount on the product total.

Ordering different copies in the same size/style? If the total is 10 or more, contact us for a different code.

Given the number of projects being ordered, we strongly recommend ordering a single copy, including the final version of any revisions, before placing your full order. This way, you can be sure the book is exactly to your liking before you place the full order. Once you've placed your order, Picaboo does not review content or images, and we cannot make changes or edits of any kind.

If your timeline does not allow for a test run, please be sure to have multiple people review the project carefully in Picaboo's Preview Mode (make sure the Safety Zone is visible) and proofread any copy before ordering.

Some tips to make sure your order prints exactly the way you want:

1. Have one or more people proofread all content. Even if you run spell-check, we can't detect typos such as English words used out of context (for example, "crate" when you meant to type "create").

2. Make sure that no text or important image details show in the highlighted Safety Zone. You can turn on the safety zone while editing by clicking "View" in the menu at the top of your screen and selecting "Show print cropping safety zone."

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