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Before ordering a project, it's always a good idea to check your work. One of the best ways to do so is to use Preview mode.

There are two ways to get to Preview Mode. While in the Library, you can click on your project, then click Preview from the Menu. You can click on the button above and to the right of the project.


Note: Preview uses low resolution versions of your images to load faster, but you can click on the button to view the high resolution versions.

You can use your mouse to click and drag the preview around the screen to center it, and at the bottom of the Preview screen you can use the zoom slider to zoom in on your project.

You can use the arrows to page through your book one page at a time.

At the very bottom right of the screen you may choose to show the Safety Zone Warning by clicking the "Show Safety Zone" box. Turning on the Safety Zone Warning is the best way to help you make sure none of your photos or text are in danger of being cropped.

At the top right, there is an order button that will take you right to the shopping cart if you're satisfied with your project. You will also see the close button which exits Preview mode.


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