How do I match my text to a color on the page?


Picaboo's eyedropper tool makes it easy to match your text to any color in an image. It's a great way to create a page or spread with a cohesive, professional look. Here's how:

  • Select a caption by clicking anywhere inside the caption box. The Caption Tools bar will appear below the caption.

  • Click and drag your mouse to highlight (select) the text.
  • Click the square color tile to the right of the font size selection.

  • Select the eyedropper icon and mouse over the image you want to match. The color will preview in the small window above the dropper. Click to capture the color you want to use. This color will now appear in the "New" panel on the color picker window.
  • Click "OK" to apply this color to your font.

The color you select will also be saved in your custom palette, so you can access it any time by clicking the color tile again.

You can also use the eyedropper to change the color of the caption box background:

  • With your caption selected, check the "Background" box under Caption Tools.
  • Click the color tile next to the Fade slider bar to access the eyedropper tool.

Once you've selected a background color for your caption box, you can use the slider bar to increase or decrease its opacity.

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