Ordering Picaboo Projects

Once your hard work is done on your project, and you are looking to get that physical copy, simply click on the Order button in the upper right of the Edit screen to go to the shopping cart. You may also do this from the Library, when you click on your project, then from the pop out menu, choose “Order”.



The first step is to go over the Order Preparation Checklist. Check to make sure your Spelling is correct, nothing is in the Crop Zone, your Photos aren’t Fuzzy or Dark, and the layouts are satisfactory. Once you check your book, you can move on to the Picaboo Store.



In the Picaboo Store, you select the options for your project, such as the size and quantity. This is also where you pick things like Layflat pages, or Soft or Hard covers where applicable. Once you’ve chosen your options, you will see the product subtotal, and can click on the green “Add to Cart” button.



If you have not ordered before, this is where you will be prompted to enter your shipping address. Once you start entering your address, Google autocomplete will show you suggestions. If you see your address there, you can click on the suggestion, and your address will automatically be filled in.



In the next section, the Review Cart and Shipping page of the Picaboo Store, you will be able to Add Shipping address’, Choose ship method, Enter a Promotional Coupon code to adjust the pricing, and of course, if you want to keep shopping, you click the “Continue Shopping button here.

Once you click the Continue shopping button, you will be taken back to the Library, where you can choose your next item. You will go through the same earlier steps as before, the checklist and the Picaboo Store.



After you’ve added all your items to the cart, you will find yourself back at the Review cart & Shipping. Note that different product types may be shipped separately, so you would see a separate shipping option dropdown menu available for the new item. Choose your shipping for each if necessary, and enter a coupon code on the right. After you click Apply, the discount will show in red if you are using a valid code.

When satisfied with this page, you can click the green button, “Go to Checkout”.

If this is your first time using Picaboo, you will be prompted to enter a billing address and a credit card. Should you be using a voucher such as a Groupon, and there will be no balance, you can click the “X” in upper right to exit the Credit Card screen. Otherwise enter your information including credit card to and click “Okay” to proceed to the Billing & Summary to finalize your order.



On the Billing & Summary page your product will still be displayed with the details. You will still have an opportunity to “Edit” them with the blue button to the right of the product. Your Billing information (If entered) and shipping address will be displayed above. At the top, you will see the options to pay with a Credit card, Pay Pal, Groupon, or Other Payment Method. The price of your order will be displayed on the right, including any discount that was applied due to a Coupon.

See the specific tutorials on Paying with Pay Pal or Groupon for more details on those features.

When you are satisfied with the information displayed on the order page, simply click the green “Place Order Now” button to finalize the order. An order confirmation will display with additional information including how to cancel an order as long as it’s within 30 minutes of placing the order.



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