Auto Adjust Page Layouts


Picaboo has an automatic layout feature that offers to adjust your layout when you make a change to a page. When you remove an image, Picaboo will ask you whether you want to have the software choose a more appropriate page layout for the number of items you have on the page.


By clicking yes, Picaboo will choose a layout that best fits the number of text boxes and photos on your page.

By clicking no, the page will simply remain the same as it was minus what you deleted.

If you want Picaboo to remember what you choose as a default, you can check the “Remember my decision” box.

One thing to beware of is the layout chosen may not accommodate your image orientation the way you want it. Be sure to check your page before moving on after you choose to have Picaboo reset your layout.

If you've selected the "Remember my decision" option, but wish to change the setting back, you can click on the Advanced, then select Preferences.



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