The More Button


The More button contains many options that you'll find useful when creating your project.

In the dropdown menu, you'll see Edit, Layout, View, and Preferences.

The Edit menu has all the typical edit features, such as Cut, Copy, and Paste. You'll also see Check Spelling and Remove Unused Images in this menu.

With Cut, you can remove any text or image from the page, copying it to the clipboard to be pasted on another page.

With Copy, you can duplicate any text or image on your pages. Use Paste on any page to set the copy on the new page. The new copy will retain the same formatting as well. This is a great option if you've resized an image and wish to create another one of the exact size.

The Check Spelling feature will scan the book for misspellings. If one is found, a suggestion is provided, or you can choose from the list of possible words.

Remove Unused Images removes all the images in the Media Tray that are not currently used in the book. This tool is best used when you are finished with your book, or sure you are about to move on to a new section and aren’t going to use the remaining images in your tray.

The next option in the More button menu is the Layout menu, which contains Reset Layout and Use Page Background For All Pages.

Reset Layout resets the page back to the last selected layout, assuming any changes were made to the page.

Use Page Background For All Pages simply makes the selected page’s background the background on all pages in the book up to that point.

Next up is the View menu. Here you will find Hide Placeholders, Grids and Guides, and Show Safety Zone.

Hide Placeholders hides all the various unused caption boxes and empty photo wells in the book. You can simply turn them back on by revisiting the menu and selecting “Show Placeholders”.

Grids and Guides gives you a menu where you can turn on the Safety Zone, Grid Lines. and the Bleed line.


Show Safety Zone is arguably one of the most important tools in the program. It shows the crop zone around the edges of the pages, that may be cropped during the production of the project. It's always a good idea to turn this warning on and take one more look through your work before ordering.

Each of the tools above can be turned off by going back to the View menu.


The last selection, Preferences, opens a dialogue box with some of your preference choices, like whether or not to apply borders and shadows to your images by default, whether or not you would like the layout to be automatically adjusted on a page when removing an image, or how to sort the photos you import to the Media Tray: Date Taken, or by the Filename of the photo.

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