Resolution for Other Product types


You can find the recommended resolution of Photo Books, Cards, Calendars, Canvas Prints and Photo Panels, Metal Prints, Notebooks, Journals, on separate pages for each of those product types.

Here are the recommended resolutions for the rest of our product types. If you're planning to have your image cover the entire item, the recommended resolution for each item type is listed below:


  • 16x24: 2400 pixels wide x 3600 pixels tall
  • 24x16: 3600 pixels wide x 2400 pixels tall
  • 24x36: 3600 pixels wide x 5400 pixels tall
  • 36x24: 5400 pixels wide by 3600 pixels tall


  • 2310 pixels wide x 960 pixels tall


  •  1125 pixels wide x 1125 pixels tall


  • Prague Metal Ornament:  900 pixels wide x 900 pixels tall
  • London Metal Ornament: 900 pixels wide x 900 pixels tall
  • Berlin Metal Ornament: 1185 pixels wide x 855 pixels tall
  • Benelux Metal Ornament: 900 pixels wide x 900 pixels tall
  • Round Metal Ornament: 825 pixels wide x 825 pixels tall


  • 8x10: 2400 pixels wide x 3000 pixels tall
  • 11x14: 3300 pixels wide x 4200 pixels tall
  • 16x20: 4800 pixels wide x 6000 pixels tall
  • 20x20: 6000 pixels wide x 6000 pixels tall

Are your pictures the right resolution but you are still not sure if they will be blurry?  We recommend doing the 200% test.  Zoom in your browser to 200% and check the important details.  If they look blurry there then they will likely look blurry when printed.  Unless the picture means enough that you don't mind a bit of blurriness, we would recommend using a different photo.

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