Caring for your Canvas Print


Canvas prints will only be fully protected if they are stored away in the dark. Unfortunately, this would defeat the purpose of being able to view the prints and enjoy them in their surroundings. The following tips will enable you to fully appreciate the canvas prints displayed, while ensuring their longevity.

  • Light that shines through the windows as well as artificial ceiling lights or lamp light is the greatest enemy of the canvas print. Light breaks down the paper that the canvas print is printed on and also causes discoloration and an overall brittleness. For best results, it is better to avoid placing the canvas print in direct sunlight and keeping as much light away from the artwork as possible. Soft lighting is ideal whenever artificial light has to be used, such as in hotels and offices.
  • Humidity can greatly damage canvas prints. High humidity within an area can cause mold and mildew in places on the canvas print. Mold and mildew can completely destroy good artwork, so humidity needs to be kept very low within the area where the canvas prints are placed. Moisture in the air builds up when there's not enough air circulating around, so if the room your canvas is displayed in has too much humidity, you'll need to check the ventilation and make possible changes to lower the humidity levels.
  • As a final tip, removing dust is just as important in maintaining and caring for canvas prints. Avoid a cloth which is rough and heavy to wipe away the dust and on no account should polish or chemicals be used to get rid of the dust. All dust must should be removed as frequently as possible.

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