Can't post to Facebook, or can't get photos from Facebook


In order to import photos or share a project through Facebook, you will need to give Picaboo permission to access your Facebook account.  When Facebook makes updates to their program, you may need to re-enable permissions for Picaboo in order to continue to use photos from your Facebook account.  

  • Go to your Facebook Settings for Apps & Websites (the steps can vary based on device or Facebook version so check Facebook for the exact steps)
  • Select Picaboo and remove it from either the Active or Expired apps page.
  • Clear the cache and cookies for your browser.  
  • Re-open your Picaboo project and click "Add Photos"
  • Choose the Facebook option. 
  • Sign into Facebook

These steps should allow you to log into Facebook through the Picaboo application in order to recreate the permission link for Picaboo to access your photos from Facebook.

NOTE:  You may see a warning that says: "This may delete your Picaboo account and activity."  This could happen for applications where you have only signed up using your Facebook account.  Since you must use a separate email address to sign up with Picaboo, this process will not delete your Picaboo account or any Picaboo activity.


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