Can I share my project online with friends and family?


You can easily share Picaboo Books or Canvas Prints with friends and family via email or Facebook.

Picaboo's Share feature creates a web-based preview of your project that you can email. It's a great way to share a book or other project you've created so that friends and family can admire it or purchase a copy. Friends who receive a link to a shared project can't edit it, and they won't see it in their Picaboo library. 

To email friends and family a link to the web preview of your project:

  1. Click on the project in your Library.
  2. Click the "Share via email" option in the list that appears below the project.
  3. Enter the recipient's email address in the To: field. If sending to multiple recipients, separate the addresses with semicolons.
  4. Edit the subject line and message content to your liking and click "Send". Picaboo will email a link to your project to your list of recipients as soon as the preview is ready for sharing. This can take a few minutes, or in some cases more than an hour, depending on the size of your project file.Share.PNG

*Currently, the Share feature is limited to these product types.


< More information on the Share feature

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