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In the process of creating your project, you may notice that some of your images may need to be adjusted a bit. Maybe it's a dark image, or an image that has too much space around the subject. Whatever the case, there are many tools available to you. Let's take a look at some of the photo editing tools you can use to make your book perfect.

Click on your photo and you will see an editing sidebar appear on the left.

At the top of the this sidebar you will see a thumbnail of the original image.  Below this, you can select the option to Remove Photo from the page. The image will be deleted from the page, but will remain in your project in the Media Tray.

Below this, you will have the option to Crop and Position the photo.


Use the slider under Zoom Level to zoom in on the photo. Slide to the right to enlarge an image within the frame. You can click on and drag the arrow icon in the middle of the image to move the position within the frame.  Once it's the way you want it, click Apply.

The Picaboo editor has many powerful filter tools at your fingertips.  You can click the Filter/Adjust Photo tool to apply color Filters to your image, including changing a color photo to black and white, as well as tools to Adjust for Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and we've added lots of new tools for special effects.  Just remember to click Save Changes in the upper right when you are done. 


The next set of icons allow you to make adjustments to the placement and orientation of your photo.  

Send to Back, Send Backward, Send Forward and Send to Front help you place your items in order on the page where they overlap. You may want text above one of your images, or to bring one image up above another. Each click will send your image forward or back one step, or move it all the way to the Back or Front.

Swap this Photo is next. You can use this tool to swap an image on the page with another from that page, or you can drag one up from the Media Tray.

Rotate Photo Left and Rotate Photo Right are the two semi-circular arrows. If your image isn't in the orientation you want it, you can use these rotate icons to Rotate it as desired.  Once you have it in the orientation you want, you can use the rotate "handlebar" just above the image to rotate the frame to something more or less than a 90 degree angle.

The last two icons are the Horizontal Mirror and the Vertical Mirror.  These allow you to flip your image if desired.  


Below these are dropdown boxes for additional options.  

Shadow provides the option to add a shadow effect to the outline of the image. Then you can apply any changes you have made to the border to all of the images on the page, or all of the images currently in the book. a

Border is the next tool on the sidebar. You can alter the border size with the slider or the border color, or uncheck the option to remove the border from the image. 

Shapes can add some variety to your page. This option will change that shape of the photo frame that the selected image is in.

Corners can be applied to your image, and the Apply to Page and Apply to All options are available here as well.



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