Corners and Embelishments


Corners and Embellishments


Corners and Embellishments are a wonderful way to spice up your project. From the Corners in the program, the Stickers, and the Embellishments you can import into your project, you can truly make your pages one of a kind.



Click on a photo in your project. This will open the Editing Toolbar. From there you'll see a few different submenus, one of which will be the Corners option. Browse our many corner options and make a selection. Note, depending on your browser or monitor size, you may need to scroll down on the editing tools sidebar. 




There are two more buttons at the top of the corner selections. Apply to Page which will apply the selected corner to all the photos on the page. Apply to All will apply the selected corner to all photos in the book. 

When using the Apply to All option the corners are only applied to the photos currently in the book. Any new images added are not included, so it might be a good idea to use this option at the end of your project and review your pages to make sure all photos appear as expected.



Embellishments are photos or art in the PNG file format. Part of the image is transparent, leaving only a partial, irregular shape. For example, you might import a picture frame to place over a portrait, or beads of water to make your summer splash page look wet.

We do have some stickers available which can use on your pages, or you can create your own Embellishments with a more modern editing program such as Photoshop, or Paint Shop Pro, or you can choose from hundreds of packets created by digital scrapbookers which you can find online. 

You can import your own embellishments as any other image and apply to your pages as you would any other photo. You can learn more about stickers here



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