Save, Save As, and Rename


We include an automatic Save feature in Picaboo. This will ensure that your project is Saving after each change in your book, so you won't have to worry about losing any work in the event that your computer crashes or loses power.

If you're not signed into an account when you start your project, you'll see a prompt in the upper right prompting you to sign in or create an account so your project can be saved.


If you are signed in and have been working on a project, you'll see the Saved notification in the upper right.


If you wish to Save a Copy of your project, either so you can make some changes to the new copy while also retaining a copy of the original, or so you can split the book into multiple volumes, you'll find this option in the upper left of the program window by clicking on the 3 vertical dots near the project name.  You can also Rename the project here.


A dialog box will appear with the name of the project, followed by the word Copy. You can change the name of the new copy to whatever you wish, then hit OK.

If making a copy, from the Library, you'll now see both copies of the project on your shelf.



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