How can I best organize the photos I want to use in my book?


Here are a few tips for organizing your photos before and while you're creating your book.

Before you start, create a new folder on your computer to gather all the photos for your book. Copy photos from other locations into this folder. When you're ready to create your book, import the entire contents of the folder into Picaboo - or, if you're working with a large number of photos (more than 100), you might want to group them in chronological batches and import one batch at a time. For example, if you took a seven-day cruise, you might put the photos for each day in a separate subfolder. You can easily add photos to your book at any time, so working in smaller batches helps stay organized.

As you're putting your book together, you can quickly get a "bird's-eye view" in Page Sorter mode. Click the Page Manager button just above the photo tray to view and sort all of your pages at once.

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