How can I place images onto my project pages?


When you first start a new project, you will be prompted to select images to import into your album. This can be done at any time, but you will need to import at least one photo initially. Once you’ve started your project you'll see all of the images you imported beneath your project in the Media Tray. To place an image onto a page in your project, simply drag it from the Media Tray and drop it onto a page.

By default, your project pages may contain several Image Wells, which are gray boxes in pre-determined locations meant for dropping an image onto. Dropping a photo onto an Image Well will place the photo in that space. However if you drop a photo anywhere else on your page, or on top of an existing photo, you will see several options appear:

  • Replace Photo: This option will appear if you've dropped the image on top of an existing image
  • Two Page Photo: This will do the same thing as the “Single Page Photo” option, and will also allow your image to be positioned on two separate pages in your book. Essentially, it will act as two opposing pages in your album are just a single page, and will let your image cover both of them at the same time
  • Background Spread: This allows you to place your image as the page background for both facing pages, which will automatically cover the entire background of both pages with the selected image
  • Single Page Photo: This will place your image onto the page in the location you dropped it with your mouse. From there, you will be able to move it around and make other adjustments as you see fit
  • Background: This will place the image as a background for just the page it's been dropped onto.


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