How long will my book last?


We are asked this question quite often by professional photographer customers that use Picaboo for wedding books and other projects.

We use the latest large-format digital offset printing presses from Hewlett Packard to produce our books. We also print all of our books on a glossy archival quality paper that is elemental chlorine free. All of the materials we use in our books are lignin-free as well.

The lifespan of a book, or any printed product, is really dependent on the environment in which the book resides. For example, a book will deteriorate far more rapidly if it's stored in a humid environment rather than a dry one. Large temperature variances will also affect book life. Having said all of that, our books are expected to last a very, very long time. If something were to happen to a book that was ordered (flood, fire, etc), it could always be re-ordered in the exact same format as the original.

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