Why am I having an issue placing my order?



Credit card is not accepted:

This happens when the billing address doesn't match the address that is on file with the payment card company.  If the shipping address is different than the billing address, be sure to uncheck the box that says they are the same.  If it's still not accepted, make sure the address being used is exactly what is on file for that card, for example, you can check a statement to confirm the exact address and spelling.  If you've moved recently, they may still have your old address on file, for example.


Discount code is not accepted:

Be sure that the item being ordered is the one specified for that discount.  Also, be sure you are spelling the code exactly as listed. 


I'm getting a Security warning:

A security warning may show up when attempting to place your order while using an outdated version of Internet Explorer

If you encounter this message during the order process, make sure to choose the "No" option.  If you choose "Yes", the order page will not display correctly and you will not be able to continue placing your order.

It is also highly recommended that you keep your web browser updated to ensure full compatibility with the Picaboo application.  Click here to upgrade Internet Explorer to the latest version.

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