What's the difference between Lay-Flat and Seamless Lay Flat?


Lay Flat pages are a great way to showcase your images, using 2 page photos/spreads. These options also allow the book to lay completely flat on a surface for easy viewing, and you won't have to worry about part of your pages being lost in the gutter of the book.

Our Classic Custom books are one of our most popular products, and during book creation, you can opt to create your book using lay-flat pages instead of standard. 

The most important thing to note however with this style is that there is a small gap in the binding. This means that you will want to ensure that there are no important details such as faces or text directly in the middle of the pages.

Classic Custom books use 100-lb glossy text stock for standard pages and 65-lb matte cover stock for Lay-Flat pages.


The Seamless Lay-Flat option is a different book style which can be selected when starting the project, or at any time in the creation process. This style is priced a bit differently however you can certainly see and feel the difference.

Seamless Lay-Flat books are bound in such a way that there is no seam at all in the middle, so no part of the image is lost and photos will flow seamlessly across your pages.

This style features much thicker pages than our Classic Custom books, using 193 GSM coated paper, two of which are glued together to form each page. 



You can see more on all our book styles here: What book styles do you offer? 

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