Adding and Editing Text


Adding and editing text to your phone or tablet case is easy!

To get started, click on the T icon just above your case

Text can be entered in the box on the left, and you'll see it appear on your case.



Hitting the Enter key will move your text down to the next line, if you want to break it up. You can also change the color of the text by clicking one of the colored squares below.



To move the text, you can click on it, and drag it to a different spot on your case. Using the Scale slider on the right, you can resize it as well, to ensure it fits just right.



Next, you can select a differnt font from the drop down list below the text, and even use the Rotate slider on the right to tilt the text.



That's all there is to it! For more helpful tips, see our Phone & Tablet Case Design Guide.

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