Is there a limit on the number of photos I can put in my book?


There is a limit of up to 1.5 GB in original images that can be imported into your project per session.

If you wish to import more than 1.5 GB worth of images into your project:

1. Open your project in Picaboo Web and go to import images.
2. Import up to 1.5GB worth of photos into the book. If you select more than that, you'll get a popup message saying you have reached the size limit.
3. Once the images are done importing and uploading (the uploading may take a while), completely exit the Picaboo Web project by closing the window.
4. Open the Picaboo Web project up again once you get back to the Library shelf. This will start a new "session."
5. Once it opens again, you should be able to import another 1.5GB worth of photos.

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