How long will Picaboo keep the books I've uploaded?


Picaboo does not delete projects saved by its customers.

We maintain all of the projects in your library and store the images. Three months after the photos are uploaded, we archive the images to long-term storage.

Moving the images to long-term storage will not impact the customer experience in the editor. All of their images will be present and all of the editing functions will work as normal with the exception of attempting to remove red-eye as that will require the customer to wait until the image can be retrieved from long-term storage before the customer can apply red-eye removal to the image.

When a customer orders a book for print that has images at the long-term storage facility, it can take up to eight hours for the projects to be prepared for print. This will not impact the customer, but should be noted for the service and print teams. Preparing the book for sharing is not impacted and will be very fast.

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