Red Eye Removal Tool


Red eyes in an image can distract a viewer from the overall beauty of your picture. To assist in making sure that your book is perfect prior to ordering it, we've provided a Red Eye removal tool that will let you ensure your pictures look their best.

To access the Red Eye removal tool, click on your image. If the Photo Adjustment Tools sidebar is already open, the Image Editing tab will be selected automatically. From there, click on the Red Eye icon.

A new window will pop up to enlarge the picture. Click on an area near the eyes to zoom in on that part of the image.

Click on the middle of the eye, holding down the mouse button and drag the mouse slowly to the side. You'll notice that there will be a circle that you can resize by dragging the mouse. Make sure to cover the entire red portion of the eye, then release the mouse button. You'll see that the eyes now look black.Please note: Make sure to be careful when using this tool, as it changes the color of the image on any area covered by the circle once you release the mouse button. If used on skin, it can create a greenish tint.

If you do make a mistake, there's a handy Undo button, or you can always click on Cancel and start over. Once you've finished adjusting the eyes of one subject in the image, you can either click on Zoom Out, and then zoom in on another portion of that picture, or you can click on OK to finish editing your picture.

The end result is that your image will look much better, and you'll notice that the image in the Media Tray contains those edits as well, so you won't have to repeat these steps if you use the same picture again in another spot in your project.


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