Maximum Page Warning


When working on a book, you may reach the maximum number of pages that book style can support. Our Classic books can hold up to 160 pages, unless you wish to order the book in the 14x11 size, or if you wish to select the Lay Flat pages option. For those options, as well as our Prestige books, the maximum would be 90 pages.

For Seamless Lay-Flat books, the maximum is 100 pages. For Premium Mini Books, the maximum is 59 pages.

If you create a Classic book with over 100 pages and then decide to change the book style to a Seamless Lay-Flat book, you'll see the following warning.

If you are creating a book style that can support up to 160 pages, you'll notice a warning once you reach 90 pages.

Once you reach the maximum page count, if you attempt to add another page, you'll see a different warning.


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