How do I delete a page or a two page spread?


 To delete a spread, you can click on the "Manage Pages option in the lower left and click the red "x" to delete a spread.  


If you remove a page on accident, you can always use the Undo Button to return the page where it was.

Individual pages can be deleted, but doing so will cause a disruption in the flow of the book if there are any spreads following the page to be deleted.  To delete an individual page you would need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to Manage Pages.
  2. Move the spread with the individual page you want to delete to the end of the book, or at least after any two page spreads.
  3. Convert the spread you have moved to individual pages.
  4. Delete the individual page using the "x" in the top corner of the page on the Manage Pages area.

Note:  To move it back to an area that is before any two page spreads, you would need to add another page first because an individual page wouldn't be able to be moved in front of two page spreads.

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