Accessing Apple-based images (HEIC Images)


Photos stored in iCloud


By accessing a mobile browser, you can easily upload images that are stored on your phone, however, to save your phone's memory, many iPhone photos may be stored in iCloud.  If you can see your images on multiple devices, they are likely stored on iCloud.  

You may only be able to access photos which are stored in a phone's memory. To be able to use photos stored on iCloud in your project, you may first need to download the images from iCloud to your computer.  Here are some steps to help:

  • Sign into
  • Click Photos and select a single photo or hold the command key to select multiple photos.
  • Click and hold the download icon in the upper corner of the window.
  • For JPEG format (the file type Picaboo uses), and to include any edits you have made choose the 'Most Compatible" option.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to download as "Most Compatible" for them to be the correct format for uploading to Picaboo. This will work even if the file was originally in HEIF or HEVC format.
  • Click Download.
  • Open your Picaboo project.
  • When selecting photos, navigate to the folder into which the photos were saved

HEIC files are now supported by Picaboo and can be uploaded along with PNG and JPEG photos. 



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