Zoom/Crop in Picaboo Editor (HTML5)


Sometimes you may want to crop an image, or move it's position within the frame, to better highlight the most important part of the image.

To begin, click on your image, then the Edit/Crop Photo button on the left. From there, click on Zoom/Crop

From here, you'll see some options in the top row. With these, you can flip the image horizontally or vertically. You can also rotate the image either direction.

Additionally, you'll notice a box around the image. You can click and drag this box to reposition the visible portion of the image. You can also click and drag the handles on the outside corners of the box to shrink or expand the visible portion of the image. If you shrink the box, it will effectively zoom in on the image, as this changes what part of the image is visible while the frame itself remains the same size.

Once you've completed all changes you'd like to make, you can click on the arrow in the bottom left to return to the list of tools. In the top right, you can either undo the recent changes, or click Save Changes to save all changes made to the image.

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