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As of December 31st, 2020 Adobe is no longer supporting the underlying technology known as Flash. Please see Adobe’s Official Announcement to learn more about it. Picaboo–and the industry as a whole–support this move because of the superior feature set, performance, and security of HTML5 and related technologies which are now the industry standard.  



How do I access my project if it was created with the older editor?
All new projects will now be created in the HTML5 editor.  Newer projects build in the older editor version may still be available, however because of changes made by Adobe over time, some photos and/or older projects may not be accessible.  

Can go back to the older version of the editor?
As of December 2020, Adobe discontinued Flash Player and browsers no longer support it.  To access a project that was built in the older, Flash-based editor, you can use our conversion tool.  Just click on the project on the "My Projects" page and click the Edit option.  Then, click the option to "Open in new editor" and your project will be converted and saved with "-backup" added to the filename.  You can then open and edit that file.  We recommend leaving the original Flash file on your account, just in case it is needed.

What’s are the system requirements for using Picaboo HTML5 Editor?
All you need is a modern browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Chromium based Edge as your browser. Although the program may work with other web browsers, we do not recommend using these due to inconsistent results.   

Can I use Picaboo HTML5 Editor on my mobile device?
Picaboo can be accessed through a mobile browser on your mobile device.

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