Picaboo Editor (Beta) Warning and FAQ


Editor (Beta) Warning: This is a Beta version, which means that it is still a work-in-progress and is not fully tested. It does not have a complete set of features and will likely have bugs. Continue only if you are comfortable testing new software.

Projects created in Picaboo Editor (Beta) cannot be opened in the existing editor.



How do I create a new project in Picaboo Editor (Beta)?
To create a new project, go to New Project. Find a Photo Book, Card, Canvas, Photo Panel or Collage Print from the list of products and click it. You’ll be asked if you want to continue building your project using the existing editor or Picaboo Editor (Beta). Choose Picaboo Editor (Beta). Remember, once you create a project in Picaboo Editor (Beta), it cannot be converted or opened with the old editor.

Can switch between the existing editor and Picaboo Editor (Beta)?
If you create a project in Picaboo Editor (Beta), you will not be able to open it in the old editor.

What’s are the system requirements for using Picaboo Editor (Beta)?
All you need is a modern browser. A modern browser is the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge. YOU DO NOT NEED ADOBE FLASH.

Can I use Picaboo Editor (Beta) on my mobile device?
At this time, Picaboo Editor is not supported on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. We plan to add this support in the future.

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