Focus Tool in Picaboo Editor (HTML5)


Before using our Picaboo Editor (HTML5), make sure to read our Picaboo Editor (HTML5) Warning and FAQ

The Focus tool is another new feature. This allows you to create a blurred effect on your image, either on the edges of the image or in a circular pattern.

To begin, click on your image, then the Edit/Crop Photo button on the left. From there, click on Focus.

From there you can click on Radial or Linear to determine the shape you'd like the blur effect.

For Radial, you'll see a circle appear on the image. Clicking and dragging this circle will let you move the circle. Clicking and dragging on the circle button at the edge of the circle, lets you adjust the size of the circle. Then you can use the Blur Radius slider bar to adjust the amount of blur outside the circle.

Linear has the same options, but in addition to change the size of the line, clicking and dragging on the circle button on the edge of the line also lets you rotate the line.

Once you've completed all changes you'd like to make, you can click on the arrow in the bottom left to return to the list of tools. In the top right, you can either undo the recent changes, or click Save Changes to save all changes made to the image.

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